Virat Kohli Extremely Good, Not Great Yet, Says Michael Holding

Virat Kohli

Former West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding feels India captain Virat Kohli is an extremely good batsman, but for him to enter the category of cricket greats he will have to score runs in England. According to Holding, however, great batsmen score runs everywhere and Kohli is yet to do so.

“Virat Kohli is a fantastic batsman. I was asked to name three top cricketers and I included Kohli in that list. He is a very very good player. When I see him score runs in England, I would call him a great player. I like people who score runs everywhere. He is an extremely good player,” Holding told¬†Mumbai Mirror.

“He is very emotional about his cricket. He means everything he wants to do. In time he will learn. Because he has been so successful since he took over, it is hard for him to change. He has to see other view points and arrive at consensus,” Holding further added.

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