IPL 2018

Rajasthan Royals want Klaasen as replacement for Smith

Heinrich Klaasen as replacement for Steve Smith might sound surprising, but Zubin Bharucha, Rajasthan Royals’ head of cricket, is absolutely certain it is the South African that they wanted.

“Our aim was to get someone who can play spin well because we are pretty sure that spinners will have a big role to play during the IPL,” Bharucha told TOI on Thursday (March 29) after sending a request for the South African to the BCCI.

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“Klaasen is an amazing player of spin. And he has a vast array of shots, which tempted us to go for him. He plays the reverse sweep very well, something that will be quite useful in the IPL.” Bharucha admitted that the way Klaasen handled Indian spinners Yuzuvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav tilted the scales in his favour. “His strategy against them was just amazing,” Bharucha said.

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