The same mistakes are being made – Bayliss

The same mistakes are being made - Bayliss

“It was probably a bit more difficult than it looked [on day one] but I still thought it was a good wicket,” Bayliss said. “The one thing I was very happy about was the second innings. They learnt their lessons. They spoke about not going for the big drives. The thing that surprised them about the wicket on the first day was how slow it was and we got out a number of times off the inside edge. In the second innings, it was about batting for a long period of time and I thought they showed a lot of character.”

“More than anything they started to look comfortable at the crease,” he said. “Mark looks like a tough type of a player to me. He looks like he’s ready for a scrap the whole time but when the bad ball comes along, he is able to put it away. Dawid has a couple of 60s now and I thought he was starting to look more comfortable in this Test match.” The final Test of the series is “another opportunity” for both to secure Ashes spots. “They’ve started to look comfortable and they can both play off the back foot so the signs are looking good. As you know, we’ve said that before. To be honest, I’ve still got my fingers crossed for them.”

ayliss was also critical of England’s bowlers in Windies’ first innings which allowed the tourists to gain a first innings lead of 169. “West Indies bowled a really good length,” he said. “We were a little bit two sides of the wicket and a little bit too short. We went passed the bat a fair bit and had a lot of edges which ran down to third man and I think that frustrated our blokes. We didn’t follow that up with more good balls and let them off the hook with balls on the hip or easy four balls. Most of the time with the bowlers we’ve got, it doesn’t happen very often.”

Despite the defeat, Bayliss supported Joe Root’s declaration on the fourth evening at Headingley. “I don’t think it will affect him too much,” said Bayliss. “I hope the result doesn’t change the way he thinks about the game. In that situation, more times than not, we’ll win more than we lose. The wicket played pretty well and the West Indies played even better, so all credit to them, but I’d like to see the same sort of thought process happening in the future.”

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