Adapting to bouncy tracks, key to success : Bhuvneshwar


INDvRSA : “The first thing that comes to our mind about bowling in South Africa is bouncy wickets, seaming wickets. But you can’t be sure we are going to get such wickets. When it comes to bowlers, Kookaburra is one of the toughest balls to bowl with as it doesn’t do much after 25-30 overs, these are the kind of situations we are tackling with.

“We know the general conditions in South Africa, so we are preparing according to that. We just want to prepare our best, that’s all we want,” he said.

“We haven’t talked [pace bowling group] so far. We are trying to do basic things. A couple of days before the Test match, we will see how to go into the Test match, what are the things we can bring into the Test, regarding strategies, regarding their batsmen. These are the things we will definitely do, but for now we are trying to do the basic things,” he observed.

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